The Healing Wands

I always enjoy talking to Andrew, but I never get right down to putting to paper the things that he says. He tells me so much. I am making a new year resolution to do just that. Todays story was about the new wand that he showed me.

One of our dear friends just made her transition to the other side. Before she crossed she had a profound experience with Andrew, and he asked her to get us some little gifts. The nature of the gifts were amazingly accurate in their connection we have with Andrew. It is the little things like this that let me know that there is more to life than what we see.

Lisa appeared to me and told me a little about her journey, but she seemed more interested in the new scepter that she had just received. I could feel Andrew in the background as she was showing me this beautiful scepter. It was crafted with a long wooden staff, and the top looked like an acorn. The part of the acorn that looks like an egg, was replaced by the biggest, and most beautiful piece of Rose Quartz I had ever seen. A Rose quartz egg rested at the top of her scepter.

Andrew then walked forward so that I could see him. He was with her from the moment she crossed. He opened his cloak to show his scepter nestled in the fold there. He opened the cloak, and had that wry smile of his like he was trying to sell me a cheap watch. The scepter that Andrew has is so beautiful, and is very connected to who he is. Again, it has a long wooden staff that goes up into an ornately carved claw, and in the claw of this piece is a large, delicately carved Emerald heart.

He then showed me one of the many uses for this scepter. Apparently we all have such a scepter, and can connect to it. I saw several people sitting around, Connie and myself included, in a circle. We are holding our scepters in front of us slightly covering our heart Chakras. I believe this was our soul counsel.

We focused on our hearts, and its language. A beam of light corresponding to our vibration came out and into the crystal where it swirled around for a second, and then shot out into the middle of this circle where it was met with the other beams from the other scepters. As soon as they met in the middle they burst into all the colors of the rainbow, and went up into the air and into the ground. Everyone in the circle was now showered with the sparks from this light and could feel it coming up through them from the ground. What happened next was a wonderful healing from each other.

This is where you visualize you and your higher self becoming one, and as the healing takes place, you are able to bring it back with you from this circle. You will see enlightened spirits in this circle. You can sit around the circle and participate in a healing, or you can place yourself in the middle of this beautiful energy to be completely selfish and wonderful. Take anything that you are working on and release it with this circle.

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