“Who knew mandalas could yell at you? I’m guessing that Connie Jordan and Martin Jordan did. Dark green, pink and gold (at least in the shades I chose) were not in “his” choice of color palettes. Back to the easel we go. And this is exactly why I had paper copies made.

I highly recommend commissioning a mandala from the Jordans. I was so in love with the Harmony mandala I purchased from them that I wanted one just for me. And I love it!”

Betsy Brown, Washington


“I am the Office Manager of Ocean Therapy Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In addition to therapy, we offer new age spiritual events at our clinic in the evenings and weekends. We have had Martin and Connie Jordan as guests countless times over the past two years. Their events are without a doubt the most popular. The provide healing through laughter for people who are suffering the loss of loved ones and also connecting them through messages. They open their lives and hearts with stories and make you laugh until you cry.”

Mary Foy, Healer
Ocean Therapy Center

“Martin & Connie’s mediumship show was life changing for me! Because of the humor Martin and Connie infuse in their show, it took the fear out that I had about mediumship, and I was able to receive messages from my grandmother as well as bring closure and peace to another painful part of my life.”

Karen Termatt

“I enjoyed meeting you and Martin. I was especially touched by the tribute you made to your son. You (and Leah) inspired me to learn more about the crystal, indigo, and star children who are in our lives. In fact, I picked up a great book about the children and found wonderful sermon material. For that, I thank you!. The whole performance was truly funny, you both seemed very relaxed, and I found you quite charming. I am grateful for the experience. The room was filled with love, and that’s always a good environment to be in. I wish you well with your upcoming events. If I can further help you, please just let me know. This is the teaching and the help that we all need when our loved ones pass. It’s about moving on in love. I know my daughter is safe, and loved. I know she visits and guides me. The humor is so important. Please listen to their message. We will not die, God Bless.”
Rev. Carole H. Jones

“There are certain times in our lives when the power of Universal healing is present. We instinctively know when those times are because of the profound emotions that we experience. Connie and Martin Jordan have an ability to produce universal healing and understanding, and they do it through the love of their son and music that he gives to them. The story they share of their son’s life and crossing is a powerful one, with important and life lessons woven in. Some aspects of their concert will make you laugh, and others could very well allow you to cry, but within all of it there’s a reassuring healing that touches the hearts of all that are present. I strongly encourage anyone to be willing to take part in this outstanding performance.There are some things in our physical lives that we simply can’t afford, and any cost, to miss out on. This is one of them. I can guarantee that you will leave, not only looking at life from a different perspective, but truly feel different from the inside out.”
John Culbertson, Medium, and owner of Star Child Book Store

“I had the pleasure of working with Connie Jordan a number of times and she is the funniest witch I ever worked.  She always got the audience going and made it easy for me to follow her.  Now you may be wondering how many witches I’ve ever followed.”
Steve Mittleman, Comedian

“Connie Jordan . . . . a phenomenal success at making one laugh at the silly things we say and do. Connie has taken life experiences and tells them in such a hilarious way that you feel you were there sharing the moment with her. Connie is a phenomenal comedian with a unique flair all her own. She delivers hilarious “one liners” like no one else I have ever seen perform and she is definitely a class act and delivers a “must see” performance.”
Karen Anderson, Medium

“Connie truly is the Goddess of Comedy! We booked her for an event at our store and she packed the house! It was a wonderful hour for all who attended! We laughed the entire time! Sometimes we can take ourselves so seriously and Connie helped us laugh with ourselves and see the humor in the ‘work’ we do! Laughter is so healing and Connie is certainly an Ambassador of Laughter Therapy!! We can’t wait to have Connie back!! ”
Rhiannon Azurite, Owner, The Mermaid’s Treasure Chest

Connie, your show does not need a testimonial, as it speaks for its self. All from our center thoroughly enjoyed the humor, the music, and the accurate
readings. Most of all it spoke of eternal life with a sense of humor, and the TRUTH. We are all of the one, which has no beginning and no end.
to find the joy in consistent transition of being, whether in this form or other, is the key to releasing all fear. then life becomes a living
dance to embrace in love with no conditions. ”IMAGINE” thank you for a fun night. it was the first in many years, my going into a club, looking
forward to the next!!!
love and blessings abide, Rev. Duffy