Press Release

Don’t miss this outrageously funny 2 hour comedy and Mediumship show. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before! Witchy Woman and Psychic Boy a.k.a. Connie and Martin Jordan, push the boundaries of the known comedic world, with a novel concept of combining metaphysical humor AND mediumship! This unique combination of material has wowed audiences in the United Kingdom and had them rolling in the aisles across America.

You may wonder what metaphysical comedy is…

Witchy Woman simply describes it as – “My husband sees dead people and I make fun of them.” Her act both entertains and educates, offering deep insights into the world of metaphysics in a light-hearted way. She not only pokes fun at her own life – what it’s really like to live with a professional medium for instance – but manages to roast all of her psychic friends, and lampoon the paranormal world in general! The Dynamic Duo have also cleverly added side-splitting song parodies to their act, which guarantees even more fun.

Psychic Boy’s role in all this is to demystify Mediumship with a sense of humor, because, as he puts it – “Dead people are funny too.” He conducts an hour of random audience readings – where select audience members are brought closer to their deceased loved ones, through the loving messages he brings through from the Other Side. He also takes questions from the audience, which can be both hilarious and touching.

This show has been described as “Comedy Central Meets Crossing Over”, not only for its rare combination of outrageous humor around a normally taboo subject, but for it’s intriguing informational format, that succeeds in bringing laughter AND healing to everyone lucky enough to see it.

Witchy Woman and Psychic Boy have said that the goal of their show is “To raise the vibration & consciousness of the planet – one joke at a time!” Their growing international audience and positive reviews are proving them right.

Martin and Connie, set out to help people process grief and help others understand about life after “death” after the passing of their sixteen-year-old son, Andrew, from rare form of leukemia this past year. “Laughter is the only thing that keeps us sane sometimes,” says Witchy Woman,”and we want to share the joy in life with others. Andrew taught us about enjoying every minute of life and we are on a mission to share his message with the world by spreading love and laughter.”

They will also be performing for Hay House author Doreen Virtue at her Advance Angel Therapy(r) course in Kona Hawaii on Oct 31st this year.