Letter From PureHeart

Right now the people of this planet need a boost, Spiritually speaking. It’s not about who is right and who is wrong, it’s about how you are feeling at the moment in your time. How are you feeling at this moment of your own creation? Being is really short for “being aware.” Be aware of all things. Be aware of life so that it becomes aware of you. When it is aware of you, it will know what you want. When it knows what you want, it will give it to you.

Be aware of breath. Breath is the essence of all that is. It makes life flow better for you, and keeps your meat-suit free and clear of senseless debris. Breath relieves stress and will help you to focus. A single breath can lift the veil of uncertainty around anything you are working on. Breath brings all things that Spirit wants you to know, closer. Being aware will help you to recognize these things. It’s a win-win situation for you.

Real information will come to you in the form of suggestions and ideas. Spirit will never tell you what you need to do. It is the ego that presses; it is the ego that pushes you to do a certain thing a certain way. Always remember that there is more than one way to accomplish anything. The beauty of life is the fact that you are given the ability to choose which ones works best for you. Don’t spend any more time on ways of doing things that no longer work for you. If you don’t know any other way, find someone who does and copy them. Do this enough and you will have a way that really works for you.

Teachers really need to to pull back their attachment from making their students adhere to “their” way. You need to teach how you teach if it works for your students whilst allowing them to explore how they learn. Do not be a student of policy for this is always the most outdated of subjects. Find the creative spark in all of your students. Find out how they learn, and expose it, nurture it, and amplify it. Both you and the student open up to tremendous growth when this happens.

The artistically gifted ones are the dreamers of the moment, creating the next moment. Smart students daydream, and smart teachers harness this creativity and turn it into the knowledge that they need. Teaching is the noblest of professions, and teaching wisely is the noblest of the arts, and it comes from us.

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