Laughter is the Best Medicine

I was standing at the front of the room right after one of our concerts, being asked some questions. The subject of highest vibrations came up, and I had asked Andrew to give me some insight. I mentioned that laughter is the highest vibration, only to be correct by one of the people in front of me. He said, “Love is the highest vibration.” It was then that Andrew decided to help me, and he said, “No, Laughter is the highest vibration, Love is a state of being.”

I went on to explain that love is the place and laughter is one of the vehicles that will get you there. He went on to tell me that there are several vibrations on the planet that lead you to particular states. Some good, some not so good.

Here we will deal with two states; Love and Fear. Whatever you are vibrating at will lead you to one of these two states. The vibration that you are is determined by you and can be changed by you at any given time. Change your vibration to change your destination. The best way to change your vibration is to look at the decisions that brought you to your current place. Make sure you move through your life making a really big deal of your successes and accomplishments. Let these be your savings account. When things aren’t going so good for you, draw on these savings. Think about them for a moment , and think how wonderful you felt at that time. This will shift your energy enough to allow you to be in a moment of happiness.

Only Love is Real

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