Earth! – What was I thinking?

I promised Connie that I would write about yet another journey I went on this morning. It started in a dream, and I got up and continued the journey in a meditation. I left Earth for a very familiar place to me amongst woodlands, streams, and Elves. I entered a large tree and found myself walking upwards to a large room at the top somewhere.

Inside the room I saw an older looking man that I recognized from many lifetimes and many battles. We greeted very fondly and very emotionally. He walked around and stood behind a large piece of wood resembling a desk. I walked over to it and reached into the folds of my robe; I noticed that was what I was wearing. It seems when I trans locate, or whatever you want to call it, I always dress appropriately. From these folds I produced a digital pad similar to the Blackberry phone only much thinner. As I produced it, my friend eyed me with great disdain.

I slide it across the desk to him briskly, and as quickly as it reached him, it was sent back to me. It was as though I was handing in my badge and gun.

“I won’t accept this. I have been expecting it, but I won’t accept it.” He said.
“You have to accept it, for I am done. I have tried everything, and very little appears to work.” I replied.

I slide this digital thing back again, and again it was returned without this man taking his eyes from me. This continued for sometime, each of us probing the other for one small sign that the other was weakening in their resolve. It did not happen with him, so I spoke to him further.

“I am tired and I don’t know if we are at the right time.” I said.
“It is always the right time, my brother, but it is never what it seems, or exactly where it should be. The Earth is a beautiful place and the source of much that is decent and good, but its people, for the most part, should be a little further along than they are.”
“You can say that again. When will they learn that you cannot fight for peace? Freedom can be fought for, we know that well, but only then does the process of healing begin, to make way for the peace that follows. They do not appear to have it in the right order. It would seem that order is gone.”
“Order is merely dormant, and it is your job as well as countless others to awaken first yourselves, then others as they are attracted to this energy.”

At this point I could do nothing but take the digital device and put it back in my robes. He then asked if he could see it a second. He took it and placed it into a larger machine and “updated” its contents, and handed it back to me.

“This will help you to move a lot easier with your path and the things that you have to do. We are waiting on other stumbling in, and even others like you, coming by on purpose.”

As I turned around I saw Andrew (PureHeart) entering with the rest of whom I know to be my counsel. It was at this point that I knew what I had to do. I also knew that I didn’t have to be happy about it, but I knew that I had to keep going. I asked PureHeart if there was somewhere where we could go to talk, and we left the room only to find another room. This one was bigger and much more comfortable. He left for a few moments and came back with two glasses of green liquid.

“Gooshi.” He called it. It tasted very bitter, the way I like it, and very familiar. I needed to find out why PureHeart was here, and I was on the next Tardis back to Earth. He is a beautiful soul and explained the energies of his decision to me, but he went further than that this time by introducing me to a lady by the name of Arryainna.

“She is the Master guide and sister of Pretty Mama. She and the council that Pretty Mama is a member of where unaware of the decision to bring Andrew back. Arrainna was very upset and has not stopped trying to communicate this to Connie every chance she gets. You know it was ultimately my decision, Daddy. I know I had everything in place before I left. I know that you will both see this soon, and be able to speak of it soon. Your music is taking its turn, and the lyrics that you will write will begin to shift consciousness. I know it will not be easy, neither was my decision to come home.

There is a lot to do to keep the humans on planet Earth moving according to the Universal laws, and it would seem that they are not paying as much attention as they should. They are missing a lot of the signs and putting their faith in what other humans are telling them. They are not going to their hearts for the answers that they need, and are still captivated by others words and the fear of the unknown. They each carry with them a very important cargo. That cargo is a piece of each and every one of us.

However, you are not alone. There are others like you on the planet right now, and they are coming to the fore. I have already given you the names of some of the ones that are changing things and these are the ones that you will align yourself with. They will know that you have on a deep level, so I want you to trust us for now. There are also those that are destined to come home like me. Other “children” that have changed the world by the nature of their leaving, but this is all for the best and they are helping us to communicate with you all, especially those that are a little hard of hearing.”

I will be meeting with you shortly to talk about what needs to be done, and the details of that. Let me leave you with this:

Live life to the fullest, making sure that there are those that you want to share success with you. Love everything as if it gave you what you needed, for it does. Enjoy each moment because a moment is the most important measure of time on Earth. There is no time left for hate, or deception. There is no time left for war and conflict. There is no time left for doing things that do not ignite the fires of your higher self. There is plenty of time for Love, Laughter and Music. This is what we want you to teach, for it is time that the people of the Earth started acting their age.

Blessings and Love to you


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