Connie and Martin Jordan, AKA Witchy Woman, and Psychic Boy


“Let he who is not stoned, cast the first sin.”

“She won’t listen, so I had to kill her first.”

Comedy and Mediumship Event – 2 hours

Connie and Martin Jordan, otherwise know as “Witchy Woman,” and “Psychic Boy” put together a show like no other. They work closely with their transitioned son, Andrew, who passed in 2007, four months after a Leukemia diagnosis at 16 years old. You can catch up on what they do with him on Connie’s Blog. Witchy Woman will make you die laughing and Psychic Boy can talk with you when you cross over. Her gracious good looks and in your face view of the world will touch your soul. It will tickle your soul as well as your funny bone, for she is “The Real Goddess of Comedy.” She brings her unusual and dynamic humor and healing to the stage. Connie spends the first half of the show telling funny stories about her life living with the Medium, Psychic Boy, and other metaphysical stories. They used to own a storefront, before bringing it online, called Wizard’s Window, and that was a veritable black hole for the local flying monkeys, and other metaphysical nonsense. So there was no end to the amount of material for the act.

Witchy Woman tells the story, and Psychic Boy will chime in with additional nonsense, or a parody which he specially writes for the story. They interact with each other, the audience, and Andrew, producing the result  of a very funny, educational, healing, and a very entertaining experience.

The second half of the show will find Martin doing gallery style audience readings. This part of the show can also be hilarious because, as we all know:

Dead People Are Funny Too!


Dead People are funny too!

Strictly Mediumship Event – 2 hours

Martin and Connie bring this unique event to audiences across the US and in the UK. This event consist of Music, Audience readings, (Gallery style,) and teaching. Since Connie is a standup comedian, and Martin is Irish, this event is peppered with humor and lightheartedness.

Both Martin and Connie work their way around the audience giving messages from the audiences deceased loved ones, and Spirit Guides. Since Martin is an entertainer/ singer/songwriter, and Connie is a comedian, this event is inspirational, entertaining, and funny. They share songs that they have received from their son, Andrew, to help uplift and enhance your well-being.

Psychic Boy ability as a medium and skill as a Hypnotherapist will show you ways in which to make contact with and communicate with your Spirit Guides and deceased loved ones. He has been working as a psychic and medium for some time now and teaches the art of Mediumship and Spirit Communication to clients around the globe. This event is all gallery style audience readings, but there will be humor as well. Martin and Connie, also answer questions about the Spirit World as well as introducing the audience to their deceased loved ones, and their Angels, and guides.

Venues We’ve Played

Mc Curdy’s Comedy Club, FL * Crystal Vision, FTL * Ontario lmprov, CA * Tampa lmprov, FL * Martini Blues, CA * Witche’s Ball, FL * Global Medicine Hunter Radio Show * WSRQ 1401 Radio Show * Radio * from Vegas * AngelsTalking Radio * East Village Caberet Theatre Sarasota, FL * The Learning Light, CA * Goddess Blessed, OH * At Sacred Earth, IL * Florence House, UK * Goddess Temple, CA * The Healing Way, UK * The Linenhall Pub, Ireland * Sweet Daddy’s Coffee House, CA * Koffee Klatch, CA * Fogertyville, FL * Pagan Pride Festival, FL * Mermaids Treasure Chest, CA * Awakenings Bookstore, CA * The Irish Rover, FL * London College of the performing Arts with Roger Hanson * Earth Magic Radio with Steven Farmer, * Shift Happens Radio on Blogtalk – hosts * Spiritual Broadcast Network – Shift Happens TV Show – Hosts.


As well as everywhere else we have been. We’ve even been some places more than once…

“It’s like Comedy Central meets Crossing Over.”
Contact : Witchy Woman and Psychic Boy * [email protected] * 941-926-7522